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Fire Safety – Before, During and After a Fire in Your Home

Lisa Carpenter recently contacted me to tell me about the kids in a summer program where she volunteers.  After learning about fire safety, the kids wanted to create a resource that could help others, and they did a tremendous job.  There are all sorts of tips and resources on their website that will help you both in your home and barn. Please take a look at the results of their effort. It is definitely well worth your time. The page is Fire Safety – Before, During and After a Fire in Your Home.

If you would like to learn more about this program, you may contact Lisa Carpenter at

New Fire Safety for Barns Program

“Building a Farm Fire Safe Community” is a new program that was created because of concerns over the huge loss resulting from fires that have destroyed buildings, animals, vehicles, and equipment in Ontario, Canada. Bill Hunter, Fire Chief  for the Township of Perth East and the Municipality of West Perth, in Ontario, Canada, invites you to learn about their program, which was developed in partnership with the Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, the South Easthope Mutual Insurance Company and the Perth-Huron Insurance Brokers Association. This program is not just for Ontario farms, though. It is adaptable to any farm or stable situation and they are also planning a series of videos that will address farm fire safety topics.  Take a look at this program, especially the excellent self-assessment form available for you to download. You can learn more about the program at the Perth East website at or you can contact Chief Hunter at the fire department at 519-595-2800.