California Wildland Fires

October 23, 2007:  We are watching as Southern California is faced with its worst wildfires in many years—some say—ever.  Thousands of horses and other animals have been evacuated, and the actions taken by these people demonstrate how well most of them have planned for evacuation and how successful their planning has proven to be.  Part of that success may be due to the work of Equestrian Trails, Inc., Corral 36, of which Stephanie Abronson is a member.  Here’s what she shared with us:

“Your website has lots of useful information, and bless you for that.   Perhaps you would like to add another resource that has been available since 1992.  Go to ; on the first page look down to “What Do I Do With My Horse in Fire, Flood, and/or Earthquake?”  This booklet was created by the membership of Equestrian Trails, Inc., Corral 36, with my job as compiler and editor and distributor.  Back in 1992, the members of Corral 36 belonged to ETI Corral 63 as a’Paddock’ of that organization.  All chartered corrals belong to Equestrian Trails, Inc., an organization since 1944.  In 1997, the City of Los Angeles printed some 400 copies which were given out free at an Emergency Preparedness Fair held in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park.  Then, several years ago I requested the ETI national office to add this booklet as a free download to anyone who will take the time to make copies from the ETI website.

“To my knowledge this was the first comprehensive booklet printed with the purpose of helping horse owners prepare for wildfire.  Since the area of Southern California where I live in the Santa Monica Mountains is all too frequently hit by frightening wildfires, and there are hundreds and hundreds of horses living in these mountains, our ETI ‘Paddock’ decided to take on this project to give out to our neighbors.  And as often happens after a major wildfire, the following winter we have lots of rain bringing mudslides and flooding.  Add to the mix the fact that California is riddled with faults, and you have the possibility of earthquakes cutting off all vital services of power, water, and access to clear roadways.  So…the title of our booklet, What Do I Do With My Horse in Fire, Flood and/or Earthquake?

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