Fire Logs

As of January 1, 2014, monthly reports have been discontinued, however, fires of interest that could have been prevented, will be discussed on the Blog.

Animal losses in fires, and causes of those fires where known, are now posted by month.  All Files are Acrobat PDFs.

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  1. Provoked says:

    Hello – I’ve kept my own log of sorts for the last few years… What I can’t believe is that these poor animals (mostly chickens and pigs) have absolutely no way out of their cages should a fire threaten them. I can’t imagine the horror of burning alive. 🙁

  1. […] you may not hear about these fires often, they’re happening all the time. Most recently, for example, in early October 2014, over 4,200 piglets died in a fire at Deerfield […]

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