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Information on security systems from

Chad McDuffie reported that his team at recently completed an extensive study comparing home security systems, which not only rates the systems but provides advice for ordering, installing, and using the top home security systems.  This should be helpful if you are considering the installation of a security system for your barn or areas within your barn. Read the reviews here>>>

Wildfire Smoke and Your Horses

UC Davis has a bulletin about damaging wildfire smoke and how to protect (as much as possible) yourself and your horses.  Go to this site to benefit from the information.

A Heartfelt Request to Canadian Fire Officials

A recent article submitted to the Huffington Post is a plea to save the lives of thousands of animals currently at risk or having already lost their lives in potentially preventable barn fires in Canada.  Please take a few minutes to read this article.

More info about smoke and horses’ health

The April 28, 2017 issue of The Horse has a valuable article about the effect of wildfire smoke on horses’ respiratory systems.  Click here to read it now!

Help for Unfreezing Frozen Pipes

One frequent cause of barn fires in the winter months occurs when someone attempts to thaw frozen water pipes.  The American Red Cross has information about preventing frozen pipes in the first place, and tips on thawing those pipes if they do freeze. The fact sheet is directed to homes, but the information definitely applies to barns also.  Take a few minutes to read the American Red Cross Fact Sheet: Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes before you take your tools to the barn.


You Need a Plan for Natural Disasters

Nancy Jaffers has written an article that brings up some important points, especially regarding the loss of electricity. For example, how would you supply water to your horses if you’re on a well?  Nancy points you to some good solutions to problems you’re likely to experience if your area is hit with a tornado, wildfire, or other natural disasters. You can read her excellent article at . Nancy’s articles appear every Sunday on-line at in the equestrian column she writes for


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Non-Metallic Conduit

For those folks who are planning a new barn or upgrading electrical components in your existing barn: Steve Corcoran checked the current National Electrical Code and reports that discussion with the electrical engineering department at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) indicated that any outbuilding where livestock MAY be held, fed or treated, classifies that building as an agricultural building and the highly corrosive environment created by the combination of moisture and livestock manure creates the presence of a possible electrical shock/fire safety hazard, so non-metallic conduit is required.


Please consult your local fire safety inspector to make sure you’re in compliance before you begin construction or refitting.